Automated Data Entry Form

Please see my major update in Automated Data Entry v2.0 (August 27, 2020)


What’s new? (update 9/27/2017)

Automated Data Entry Form by Excel-Crack v1.2

Major Update:
Protect worksheet from manual editing while working.

Minor Updates:
Renaming or deleting your data sheet will help you reset your settings.
Prevent from Adding of Empty Textbox or Dropdown box.
Fixed minor bugs…

Introducing the Automated Data Entry, a very flexible and smart form for the users, why would I say flexible? Users can choose their desired header from their table source eg. “Name”, “Age”, “Address”, “Birthday” etc. see image below.

Select table header from Data Entry Form
Choose your Header

From InputBox highlight or select your Column Header then click OK, you’ll see the data entry form like the example above.

You can write anything from the TextBox generated which is subject to your header and ADD or EDIT your data  but, what is the special feature of this form? The special feature is when you click the OPTIONS Button.

Limit your users for writing anything

You’ll see the Header, Object, and Validation. The HEADER is your header in your table, while object and validation are subject into different types. From OBJECT you can use Textbox or ComboBox(dropdown).

Limit your users for writing anything

In Textbox-type anything can be written (except when validated) while Dropdown or Combobox, the users limit their writing (when you filldropdown).

Limit your users for writing anything

Validation-type there are 4 types of validation that can be used. “General, Number, Date, Time”

You can validate or limit your USERS for writing anything:

General – anything can be written
Number – only numbers can be written (eg. 1,2,3,1.2,.01)
Date – only date can be written (eg. 1/23/1993, January 23, 1993)
Time – only time can be written (1:00 PM, 13:00)

Limit your users for writing anything

Close the Option and close the Data Entry Form to take effect your new settings.

Before writing your data please fill first your Drop Down button from your source of data. To fill it, click the “Fill Drop Down” button and highlight or select your list of data. Example below.

Fill your drop down box
Fill the Drop-Down Button


Drop Down list in Data Entry Form

You are now ready to write securely just click the ADD button when you finished your data.

Now, everyone makes a mistake, how about edit your data, can you? Yes, you can! You can edit by clicking the EDIT button, change the ID number and it will help you find your matched data. Click MODIFY button and that’s it.


You can edit your data


Before selecting your header always insert “ID” all caps (not “Id”, “iD”, “id” but “ID” case-sensitive) as your very first header in your table to avoid errors. Because ID column is your guide to write your data smoothly and organized.

Always create a table (go to Insert, then click Table) for your data to prevent some abnormalities or errors in the process.


Download the link below
Open both of your file and the downloaded file “Data _Entry _Form_v1.0”

From your File (mine is “My Data”)
Insert any kind of shape (mine is donut shape)
Right-Click the shape, find the “assign macro” then click it
Find this name “‘Data _Entry _Form_v1.0.xlsb’!StartHere”
Hit OK!
Then you are ready to Start.

Download the file and open it
Downloaded File
Set the macro for your workbook
Assign Macro
Activate the Data Entry Form
Data Entry Form Activated

If you’ve got trouble in security for macros, you have to allow or enable the settings for macro to run the code.

(File –> Option –> Trust Center –>Trust Center Settings –> Macro Settings –> Check “Enable all macros”)

Another thing, since this file came from the internet, so the Microsoft office blocked for certain reasons.

Please open the “Data _Entry _Form_v1.2*.xlsb” select “View” tab then click unhide select the macro file click OK. You will see a pop-up block, click “Enable editing”, you can hide it, then save and exit. Restart the excel files.

If you have concerns, reactions, and or suggestions, you can email me at or comment below

I also accept a SPECIAL MODIFICATIONS for you.

Download Link:

Automated Data Entry Form v1.2.2.1 (Latest- July 10, 2018)
Automated Data Entry Form v1.2 (Excel 2007) (for errors encountered)
Automated Data Entry Form v1.0

Automated Data Entry Form v2.0 (August 27, 2020)



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